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Boy Scout Troop 1570
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Welcome All New Scouts to Troop 1570!









                                     Welcome Guide for New Scouts And Parents

Boy Scout Troop 1570
Powhattan District

National Capital Area Council

Welcome Guide for New Scouts And Parents

Dear Scouts & Parents,

Welcome to Troop 1570. You will find this guide as a helpful introduction to the Troop and our activities. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions. Troop 1570 is a Scout-run Troop. The Scouts provide the leadership, teach outdoor skills, and develop the plan for our Scouting activities. We meet on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Clearview Elementary School located at 12635 Builders Rd Herndon, VA 20170 and conduct Patrol Leaders Council meetings on the third Monday of each month at the Kingston Chase Clubhouse from 7:00 to 8:30 followed by the troop Committee Meeting from 8:30 to 9:15.  We expect each of our scouts to live by the Scout Oath and Law in their daily life and participate in our activities and meetings.

Parents are asked and expected to participate and pitch-in where needed in any of the various roles for Troop leaders, Committee members, Counselors, Coordinators etc. in order to provide a solid Scouting program.  Our activities include our Monday meetings and our Outings as well as occasional special events, service projects and our annual Mulch Drive Fund Raising activity.

We have a strong camping program with outings almost every month. We try not to go to the same site twice in a year and we explore new activities like: backpacking, skiing, biking, fishing, hiking, orienteering; and high adventure outings like rafting, caving, and climbing to name a few. We often attend many invitation only outings like the West Point Camporee or the Michigan International Camporee and have our own unique Character and Advancement Campout.

We have a Venture Crew affiliated with the Troop and many of our Scouts participate in  the Order of the Arrow. In fact almost all of the ceremonial team and leadership is usually from our Troop.

We have a troop website on Scoutlander that you will have access to as soon as you complete your return your registration. The site has lots of resources about the Troop and our Calendar, forms, contact information and much more. You will receive an email with access information.

Please be sure to attend our meetings and be as active as possible in both your Patrol and the Troop.

We welcome you on your scouting journey and look forward to your ideas and suggestions. We strongly encourage you to participate and be active in all the Troop events. The fun is only beginning!

Yours in Scouting,

Scott Durham

Scoutmaster, Troop 1570

(703) 932-0217 cell





Meetings begin with a simple opening ceremony followed by skills training taught by a patrol or leader.  Scouts plan events, break for games and provide opportunities to work on advancement during the meetings.  Meetings conclude with announcements and a short closing ceremony.  Parents are welcome to stay for all meetings.


The troop convenes a Court of Honor three times a year to recognize the achievements of our scouts. Merit Badges are awarded and scouts are advanced in rank in front of friends and family. This is a special event in which the whole family is welcome and encouraged to attend.   A reception with refreshments is held immediately following the ceremony.


Campouts provide an excellent opportunity for scouts to increase their appreciation for nature, develop leadership skills, foster teamwork, and learn scouting skills. Parents are welcome to join the troop on campouts once they have completed BSA Youth Protection Training.  Youth Protection Training is a short on-line training course offered through the National Capital Area Council website.


We try to vary the summer camp we attend each year to provide the scouts with a diverse merit badge and camping experience.


Uniform policy for the Troop is Scout Shirt with updated patches and Troop Neckerchief & Pants of your choice. Full Scout Uniform is always appreciated.  Shoes or Sneakers are also to be worn but for safety reasons sandals, flip-flops or any open-toe footwear are not allowed at BSA events.


We try to hold expenses as low as possible. There are Annual dues for new scouts are $60 which includes BSA registration, a subscription to Boys Life magazine, and some troop expenses such as gear and advancement patches.  Fees for special events, camp outs, food and transportation are assessed prior to the event and are in addition to troop dues.

The most important initial expenses are a boy scout uniform and a good sleeping bag and an optional tent which you purchase on your own. Campouts and activities generally cost $15-$30 which includes transportation and food. We recommend that Scouts bring some additional spending money in case there are any incidental expenses or other optional expenses like a snack or drink on the way to camp. Special activities on a trip, such as skiing or mountain climbing, may carry additional expenses.

The Troop holds an Annual fundraising Mulch Drive to provide scouts the ability to add money to their personal scout accounts.  These accounts may be used to pay trip expenses, or purchase gear for the scout and are also used to help maintain the troop-operating fund. All scouts are expected to participate.


We recommend a protective cover to care for and extend the useful life of your handbook. It is critical that your scout keep and maintain the handbook. It is his reference of all Scout advancements and he will need it through the entire Scouting experience


The Clearview Elementary School is our Chartering Organization. We appreciate and support our Chartering organization and keep our meeting rooms and storage areas clean and orderly.  Troop 1570 is in the Powhatan District of the National Capital Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.


Troop 1570 provides most camping equipment for the Scouts. The troop has, lanterns, stoves and cooking gear and some tents but personal tents are recommended. Scouts need to provide their own clothing, appropriate to the weather, and a good sleeping bag. We recommend a bag rated to 20o F. 

Troop 1570 outdoor activities take place as scheduled.  The troop will camp and hike in fair and inclement weather.  A solid pair of hiking boots or trail running shoes is a must.  We also recommend scout socks made by Thorlo or any pair of Smartwool socks.  For safety reasons sandals, flip-flops or any open toed footwear are not allowed at BSA events.

Backpacks are handy, but you might want to wait until your scout is older and ready for bigger adventures. Please ensure all of your scout’s personal equipment is properly labeled with his name and that he keeps accountability of his equipment. 


Only approved scout knives and axes are to be used by authorized scouts who have completed and carry the Knife and Axe/Totin’ Chip Card. See the Senior Patrol Leader or adult leaders with any questions about this. The same stands for Matches and fire starting. A scout must first attain and carry his Firem'n Chit card to light and maintain fires and light camp stoves and have access to matches.




Troop 1570 encourages parents to get involved in their son’s Scouting experience. See the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair to see where your talents can best be used to benefit our troop.


§  Uniformed leaders. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters run our advancement program and guide our scouts in running the troop. We rely on trained adult leaders to act as Patrol Advisors and Leadership roles to guide the Scouts to successful skills development and leadership. We will provide access to any necessary training.


§  Behind-the-scenes leaders. The Troop Committee is a group of adults who review troop policies and provide assistance in running our scouting program. Any adult is welcome to join the committee. There are a number of positions such as treasurer, advancement chairperson, fund raising chairs, event coordinators, and newsletter editor that are all very important to our ability to maintain a quality program. There is always room for extra talent to lend to the troop’s success!


§  Merit Badge Counselors. There are over 100 Merit Badges that a Boy Scout can earn.  Everything from hiking and camping to fingerprinting and whitewater rafting. The troop does not currently have advisors available with all of these skills. If you’d like to work with the scouts in small groups, usually 2 or 3, this is great way to get involved.

Parental involvement. Even if you’re not available to formally work with the Troop, you can easily get involved with your son’s advancement. Parents cannot sign off their son’s advancement requirements, but you can encourage him to keep working and be prepared for every advancement opportunity. Parental involvement is an important part of the scouting program.








Scoutmaster:  Scott Durham  C: (703) 932-0217


Committee Chair:  Shane Sullivan  H:(703) 435-5135 C:(571) 294-1543








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