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Boy Scout Troop 1570
(Herndon, Virginia)
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2019 Troop 1570 Mulch Sales Fundraiser

Help shape tomorrow's leaders by supporting Herndon's Boy Scout Troop 1570, Cub Scout Pack 1570, and Cub Scout Pack 1577 through their joint annual Mulch sale.

This fund raiser will help our Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts purchase troop equipment, attend summer camps, and participate in community support activities.

Order now as the troop has a limited capacity and orders will be accepted on a first come basis. Do not risk missing out on this mulch delivery opportunity!

Key Dates:

  • Last Day to Place Orders:     March 222019
  • Mulch Delivery: April 6, 2019

Benefits of Ordering Troop-Pack 1570 Mulch:

  • We deliver!  Save yourself the hurt back lifting mulch into your car from that big box store!
  • Provide us placement instructions on your order and we'll place bags anywhere in your front yard
  • High quality, premium double shredded hardwood mulch
  • Purchased from a local supplier in the Shenandoah Valley

Placing your order online by specifying your delivery instructions (front of house only) in the space above the Buy Now button and then click the Buy Now button below.  Remember to update your order quantity (5 minimum) on Paypal.

  Item#: 2019E1
1 Bag of Hardwood Mulch, 3 cu.ft.
Delivered to your home
REMEMBER! You must update your order quantity after clicking PayPal button!
Specify Delivery Instructions:
  • Minimum order size is 5 bags
  • Online orders are the fastest and most accurate method.
  • We accept payment using PayPal's payment services which accepts all major credit cards or direct PayPal payment
  • Note: You don't have to have a PayPal account to purchase online
  • Click on the PayPal "Add to Cart" above. When you log into PayPal, update your order quantity and provide delivery instructions.

Placing your order via mail:

Contacting the Mulch Sales Team:

  • Email: Contact our Mulch Coordinator at
  • Phone: Contact Marybeth Mercado @ 703-944-2930

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Type of Mulch Do You Deliver?

We deliver 3 cubic foot bags of premium shredded hardwood mulch. The mulch is a medium brown color. The mulch is a very high quality mulch distributed though a local nursery.

Where do you put the mulch?

We will deliver the mulch in neatly stacked (5-7 bags high) in the location of your choice on your driveway at the front of your home. Typically we place the stacks along the edge of your driveway to avoid blocking garage entry unless other instructions are provided. Feel free to use chalk to mark the desired location on your driveway or tape a sign for us on your garage door.

In neighborhoods where driveway access is via narrow alleys, we will deliver to an alternate location at the front of your home off the main street. It is very difficult for us to maneuver the trucks in the alleys and identify the correct home from the rear.

Due to time constraints, we unfortunately cannot deliver mulch to the side or back of your home; nor can we spread the mulch for you.

When will I receive my mulch?

Mulch delivery is a very long day for the Troop. Delivery starts first thing Saturday morning on delivery weekend.

We cannot predict exactly when during the delivery weekend your mulch will arrive. We use a system that loads trucks with deliveries to homes in close proximity, but also attempts to reduce the number of undelivered bags left in the truck at the end of a run.

Please do not be alarmed if your neighbor receives his mulch but we don't stop at your home - we'll be back on another run. We do not load the trucks such that all the homes on the same street will be in a single delivery run.

What do Troop 1570 and Packs 1570 and 1577 do with the proceeds

Our annual mulch sale is the only scouting fundraiser run by our organizations. The proceeds from our mulch sale are the only source of funds to operate the Troop and Packs for the following year. Significant portions of the proceeds go towards replacement and refurbishment of our camping equipment. In addition a large percentage of the proceeds are set aside in "scout accounts". The boys  use the funds in their scout accounts to offset portions of their costs to attend a week long summer camp or other scouting related costs such as equipment and uniform purchases.

Profits are divided with Cub Scout Packs 1570 and 1577.  They too rely on this as their sole source of funds to provide their programs. They use the money to provide pinewood derby kits, go on outings like rock climbing, snow tubing, ropes course and more. 

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Herndon, Virginia